generate project templates for python or go
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# Template Go (Golang) build
# This template allows you to validate your Go (Golang) code.
# The workflow allows running tests, build and code linting on the default branch.
image: golang:1.15
- parallel:
- step:
name: Lint code
image: golangci/golangci-lint:v1.31.0
- golangci-lint run -v
- step:
name: Test and Build
# - mkdir test-reports
# - go get -u
# - go test tests/* -v 2>&1 | go-junit-report > test-reports/report.xml
# Build compiles the packages
- mkdir ./build
- go version
- go mod tidy
- go build -a -v -o ./build/ .
- curl -X POST --user "${BITBUCKET_USERNAME}:${BITBUCKET_APP_PASSWORD}" "${BITBUCKET_REPO_OWNER}/${BITBUCKET_REPO_SLUG}/downloads" --form files=@"./build/projector"