kludge solution to get old school browser to work.
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module github.com/tenox7/wrp
go 1.16
require (
github.com/MaxHalford/halfgone v0.0.0-20171017091812-482157b86ccb
github.com/chromedp/cdproto v0.0.0-20221126224343-3a0787b8dd28
github.com/chromedp/chromedp v0.8.6
github.com/chromedp/sysutil v1.0.0 // indirect
github.com/gobwas/httphead v0.1.0 // indirect
github.com/gobwas/pool v0.2.1 // indirect
github.com/gobwas/ws v1.1.0 // indirect
github.com/josharian/intern v1.0.0 // indirect
github.com/mailru/easyjson v0.7.7 // indirect
github.com/soniakeys/quant v1.0.0
golang.org/x/sys v0.2.0 // indirect