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A simple demonstration of how to include multiple cpp files in a single project, using cmake.

There are three strategies:

  1. direct declaration in the main, with the external source files identified in the cmakelist add_executables.
  2. explicit inclusion (#include mysource.cpp). In this case, they should not be added to the cmakelist.
  3. The "canonical" or "best practice" c++ approach: explicit inclusion of a header file (#include mysource.h) which declares all the classes and methods publicly accessible to main. Both the source and header must be added to cmakelist.

Here is my main, with all three strategies implemented:


Here is the cmakelist:

Note, that you'll have to specify your version of cmake in the set.

You can build this with this command:

 cmake --build {your-project-path}/NewProject/cmake-build-debug --target NewProject -j 14

And when you run the compiled binary, you should see:

the output